Last season, days before what seemed to be the inevitable liquidation of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, we launched uptheline. We believed we were creating a football obituary and have never been so glad to be wrong.

So what’s in the plan for difficult second season syndrome? We’re going multi-media on your ass. The blog and Twitter will remain but we’re adding Audioboos, YouTube videos and more than ever we want your content. Photos from match days, recordings of chants, your rants about our performance: the more unusual the better with new t-shirts as prizes for the best. We don’t want to be a fans forum: instead, think Tony Hart’s gallery where Morph is green, the easel is an internet and the pictures shout at you in a pirate accent. Let’s face it, the only way is up. And if ends up being down, we’re going there laughing. #wealwaysbelieve   


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